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Are you destined for great adventures but continue to be stuck in your dreams?
Get unstuck in your life and career.


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Trauma Defined – People fleeing war-torn countries or who have lived through a natural disaster are not the only ones who experience trauma; trauma is defined as a threat to individuals’ well being.

Every day individuals – both children and adults experience a flight or fight response, and even a freeze response to situations. Along with these responses individuals attach thoughts and beliefs about themselves in particular situations.

The brain creates networks that adapt to each other and allows memory recall of information. Sometimes these networks create negative beliefs that continue to get “lit up” in our brains whenever information new or old resembles any part of what the brain associated with that event. This information could be associated with any sensory information (e.g. sights, smells, touch, taste, and sound).

It can keep us blocked, unable to move forward, and grow.

I provide discreet and confidential sessions with children, couples, and individuals in industries such as film & art, fashion & textile, beauty & aesthetic, technology & graphic arts, health & wellness to create external authentic impact with internal confidence.

Do I only work with Creatives?  Absolutely not!

Creatives are not the only ones that struggle with self-doubt, time-management, fear, and anxiety.  We all do at some point in our lives.

We all get stuck.

Stuck in our school / careers.

Stuck in relationships.

Stuck in destructive criticizing thoughts.

Children experience trauma in a variety of ways, including peer rejection, nightmares, bullying, as well as separation and social anxiety.  Many children experience high anxiety that refusal to go to school can be a problem.  Children can experience relief from carrying the “yucky bag of anxiety, fear, and trauma” and create space in their hearts, minds, and bodies for the “good” feelings and thoughts.

Connect with me to reduce anxiety.

Families facing transitional upheaval from a move, divorce, and / or grief can cause members to feel alienated and withdrawn as well as increase anxiety.  The other side of the spectrum of symptoms includes members acting out in anger or behaviours that do not align with their values or character.  Traumatic birthing experiences for mothers and children can continue to affect family dynamics as anxiety may be left unprocessed. Families, including couples, desiring connection and communication need a safe space to learn how to be safe people for each other’s feelings and thoughts. 

Connect with me to increase communication and connection.

Peak Performers exhibit anxiety when unresolved trauma is not adequately processed.  This can include not passing the bar exam previously, failing at a particular presentation at work, or unable to move past a rejection at an audition. All of these situations can continue to cause stress and a lack of professional growth.  Athletes, Performers, and Business professional can excel in their area of expertise by allowing the brain to finish or reprocess thoughts and beliefs about themselves that are not beneficial to their performance. 

Connect with me to excel in your goals.

Whether you work in a creative arts career or as a teacher, lawyer, entrepreneur, or an engineer – we are all made to live fully.  You may be a mother or father raising your child, working within the home; you may be a caregiver who longs for more connection with your children despite hectic schedules.

But this doesn’t always happen.  Stress and fear gets in the way. We feel as if we don’t belong. We feel as if we cannot create the life we want.  The external brand or image of self does not match our internal resources.  Sometimes we do not know our internal resources and we feel disconnected to our values as anxiety rises up. 

The outer world of media, consumers, industry and community see a package that appears “normal”, glamorous, and successful, but the inner world has failed to launch.  Externally others see smiles, and decisive-decision making, but internally, your world is full of disconnection, fear, anxiety and depression; you feel stuck, inauthentic, and full of self-doubt.

If this is you: appearing to be successful but disconnected to self and others in relationship, career, and a lack of personal growth, there is hope.

If you are tired, there is rest.

If you are fearful, there is safety.

If you feel disheartened, there is faith.

If you long to create transformational change and personal growth in your life, family and career, there is a space for you to belong here.

It’s time to invest in yourself, your children, and your family.  Let’s work to create authentic confidence from the inside out, building stronger families and communities together!

Connect with me as a counsellor or coach to bring about transformative meaningful change in your life.

You were born to live fully.
Live authentically.

Let's connect to create the work and life of beauty you desire!


Personal Growth

How I Work:

I co-create a safe space with both children and adults, utilizing evidence-based therapies such as:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills

Creative Techniques

I work with individuals, families, and peak performers to get them unstuck – and moving forward!

Counselling & Coaching sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Connect with me.

Kezia Evelyn Perrault ~ Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCC) ~ Registration Member #: 10002171